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To: Century 21 Ripley Realty

From: Terri and Tobin Carpenter
            Century 21 Customer

To whom it may concern:

Just recently we marketed / sold / and bought a
new home with Century 21 Ripley of Austin. We were
referred to an agent named Karen Miller, who is a
Century 21 Realtor. The house that we wanted to
sell was a home that we designed and dreamed of
building and one day we reached our dream. My
husband and I put so much time into this home that
we built in the country. We were really worried
about the anguish that we would go through in
deciding to sell our dream home. Then we meet
Karen Miller..... I really don't think much more
needs to be said about this wonderful agent, but
humor me as I go on. Right from the start we had a
home picked out that I felt that I would be proud
to live in and a home that was similar to the
dream home we owned, Karen came to our home and
was excited both for us and with us. As one would
hope for, she gave us all the positive
reinforcements that made us feel good about what
we were doing and she was VERY honest. I trusted
her from the beginning. After a few times of
paging her and her prompt response, I knew she was
the realtor for us. The home was shown so may
times. She was always on top of any visiting
agents to our home and reported the results to us.
Finally, we came to a marketable price and we had
a contract. WELL, this is where the problems
began. As the time went on we followed most of her
advise with a few blunders and then we quickly
learned to sit back and watch her work. AND BOY
DID SHE!!!! I have never seen anything like her in
my life. She took care of any and all problems and
saw us through a quick closing without missing a
beat and with a comforting smile. That made buying
a new home a pleasure. It has been a couple months
now and we have been in our new home and we have
had a little time to think on the matter and we
have figured that Century 21 is WELL represented
by Karen Miller. I don't think I have ever been so
comfortable with a salesperson ever. Karen you are
wonderful and thank you so very much. One day
maybe you can train me to be a realtor like you.
Referrals Forever,

  Terri and Tobin Carpenter
  19209 Ganton Court
  Pflugerville, Texas 78660
  (512) 898-1888
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